Product Description

The ‘Silver line’ consists of standard work tables available in the colour light grey and in around 15 different sizes. These tables are very good for relatively simple work and set-ups. The various accessory parts and aids that belong to this line can be integrated simply and mounted in various places on/at the table. Silver line tables are very well-priced and are available at any time.

The ‘Blue line’ us our series of tables where we use a special edge profile for the basic table. The combination of this profile and an HPL worktop results in a stable, modular basic table that can be recognised by its typical structure. The tables are available in various colours and sizes. IT accessories, tools and other aids are easy to set up and to relocate. Accessories and aids can be mounted in any required position.

‘Red line’ is a table system that has a completely modular setup. All the tables can therefore be adjusted to your requirements. With the ‘Red line’ we can fulfil all your wishes, with all kinds of accessories and all tools such as paper dispensers, label dispensers, cutting systems and scales. They can also be combined with one or several conveyors. Accessories and aids can be mounted in any position. Owing to the modular setup, it is possible at any time to adapt the tables – and their fittings – to changing requirements. The tables can be connected easily without gaps and configured. Their height can also be adjusted. The work tables of the ‘Red line’ can be recognised by their typical table leg structure and table frame.