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Casette with knife
Caster wheel
Cone set
Handle extender
Holder for roll under tabletop
Holder set
Measuring unit
roll-of shaft Silver
roll-off shaft multi
Table cutting unit electric
Table mounting bracket
Tape dispenser 20mm
860.1000.1 Ø 90 Silver-line
ondertafel-snijbok-incl Ø 75 Silver-line-under-table-cutting-stand
ondertafel-snijbok-incl Ø 90 Multi-line-under-table-cutting-stand
ondertafel-snijbok-incl Ø 75 Silver-line-under-table-roll-holder
ondertafel-rolbok-zonder-mes Ø 90 Multi-line-under-table-roll-holder
Ø 90 Multi-line-without-workbench
Ø 90 Multi-line-with-workbench
Verticaal Ø 70 Vertical-cutter
Verticaal Ø 45 Vertical-cutter
Verticaal Ø 90 Vertical-cutter
Ø 80 Silver-line-(wall)
Ø 45 Silver-line-(wall)

Owing to the ever-increasing number of sent packages and shipments, there is great demand for the optimal processing of various packing materials. Legro has developed a patented cutting system especially for the processing of these materials.

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The Legro cutting systems are available as both a horizontal and vertical model. We have systems with various roll measurements. You can also choose between manual and electronically driven cutting units, depending on the usage intensity. Semi-automatic and fully-automatic systems are also available, with an EC quality seal. For the automatic systems, we also offer the possibility of cutting lengthways. We would be happy to advise which model is most suitable for your situation.

Cutter width:
Frame width:
Measuring unit:
Holder set:
Caster wheels:
Tape dispenser:
Table mounting bracket:
Table cutting unit:
Under table mounted roll support:
Axe to hold the roll (basic-line):
Axe to hold the roll (multi-line):
Rolling stand (multi-line):
Table cutting unit electric:
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