About us

For decades, Legro has been a total partner for the fitting of an ergonomic and efficient working environment, from one or several aids to fully-equipped workspaces.

All Legro products were developed within the company and are manufactured at our own factory in the Netherlands. Many of our solutions are patented. Many Legro products have won prestigious prizes over the years.


Legro is a specialist for tables, systems and complete workspaces for companies dealing with manufacturing, production, sorting, packing and/or unpacking. This may include work tables, cutting systems, paper dispensers, label dispensers, tape dispensers and trolleys, both for industry and for the wholesale and retail trade. Our mission is to equip your workspaces either with standard or customised solutions so that your employees can work quickly, efficiently and safely.


Legro was founded in the 1980s as a specialist for cutting systems. Following contact with many customers, we realized that there is a great demand for complete workspace solutions that are pleasant to use and efficient. To be able to fulfil the wishes of our customers, over the years we developed a range of customised solutions. Alongside this, we continued to develop our products to respond to current developments such as higher sales volumes, smaller stick, short delivery times and short processing times. For all these developments, efficient logistics have become very important. With the Legro solutions, our customers can distinguish themselves with efficiency, rapidity and reliability.

An innovative partner: in the past, the present and the future.

The world does not stand still and therefore Legro is always seeking improvements, to be even more efficient, simple and quick, and always as safe as possible. Over the forthcoming years, product volumes will continue to increase. This means that delivery and processing times will be under increasing pressure. Legro will be your reliable and innovative partner also in future – as in the past and present.